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Tracking your child's daily activities is easy with our fun and reusable Daily Clings! Simply stick them on any smooth surface and mark off the days effortlessly. Stay organized and accountable with a quick glance at your adorable Daily Board!

The Daily Set Includes:

- “Build Your Day” with tasks like Get Dressed, Make Bed, Shoes, Backpack, Grab Water Bottle, Coat, Put Away School Items, School, Music, Daycare/Sitter, Play Date, Outing, Theater, Practice Sports, Clean Room, Pajamas, Breakfast, Lunchbox, Lunch, and Dinner
- "Build Up Your Home" with tasks like Feed Pet, Water Plants, Check Mail, Dishes, Sweep, Mop, Vacuum, Dust, Clean Windows, Bathroom, Wipe Table, Pick Weeds, Laundry, Empty Garbages, Pickup an Area, Mow Lawn, Clean up Toys, Put Away Groceries, Walk Dog, and Wipe Walls
- "Build Your Mind" with activities like Reading, Homework, Study, Journal, Activity Book, Quiet Time, Meditate, Affirmations, Games, Listen to Music, Make a Video, Scavenger Hunt, Perler Beads, Puzzles, Sensory Bin, Legos, Crafting, Drawing, Play Dough, and Painting
- "Build Your Body" with activities like Brush Teeth, Floss, Bath/Shower, Hair Care, Skincare, Nail Care, Eye Care, Vitamins, Meds, Wash Hands, Bathroom, Healthy Snack, Drink Water, Bikes/Scooters, Play Outside, Play a Sport, Exercise Video, Walk Outside, and Exercise

Daily Clings are reusable stickers made with a static cling material for use on any smooth surface. Each icon was custom drawn by our designer, Lisa, to help kids have a balanced day by focusing on their day, body, mind, home, and others. They can choose how their day will go, building themselves up a little at a time with awareness of themselves and others. You can customize what's required vs. optional, teaching them valuable life skills while staying organized.

The reusable material allows you to move and reuse each sticker as needed. Use them on any smooth surface you prefer.

The full-page sheet is 5x7 inches and includes 20, .86-inch clings.

Store the sheets and clings when not in use with our Cling Storage Boxes for easy organization and future use!


Please remember, these are to be used for personal use only! It's the kind and honest thing to do. You are not allowed to resell them or pass them off as your own in any way.

 All designs copyright Fern Design Co. 2023 - Please do not copy.

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