About FERN

a female owned and operated company

  • I am Lisa the owner and designer of Fern Design Co.

    I have been in the web development game for the last 10 years and owned my own company for the last 7. Working full time with 3 kids (one on the spectrum) with a company was not realistic for our family but I needed a creative outlet and to help with the finances. My work load has and will continue to ebb and flow through different seasons of our lives but I am grateful to be here and help you with any branding or web development needs you have. Let's be best friends!

Why Fern?

Fern comes from my grandmother. She was the best of the best, a fierce and loyal advocate for me and any crazy thing I decided to do. Fern and my mom taught me to show compassion, to see and serve the people around me. They taught me to not be afraid to be a strong vocal woman in the work place, but also to not be ashamed of being a stay at home mom. Each place has a purpose and both are unbelievably important to me.

It is important to teach my daughter, Thea Fern, to be confident in who she is and to be a mover and shaker of the world like those that came before her.