Fern Favorites for our Calendar & Daily Systems

Fern Favorites for our Calendar & Daily Systems

Looking for the acrylic calendar from our booth or recommended products to go great with our Calendar and Daily Systems?? Then you are in the right spot! 


Our tried and true calendar products:  


Acrylic Calendar

Used With: Calendar Clings & Daily Clings

Organize your family's activities easily with our Calendar Clings on this Acrylic Calendar! With its reusable smooth surface and acrylic construction, it makes a great functional addition to any home. Plus, the clear design ensures that you'll never miss an event.

Fern Family's Acrylic Calendar


Daily Board

Used With: Daily Clings

Make keeping track of your child's day a breeze with these fun and reusable Daily Clings! Just stick them on any smooth surface and mark off the days with ease. You and the kids will be able to stay accountable and organized with a quick glance at your adorable Daily Board!

- 8.5" x 11" plastic board

- Premium magnetic dry erase surface

- Wipes clean easily, minimal ghosting

- Includes a wet erase marker (color varies)

- Easy mounting system, hanging strips included

Fern Family's Daily Board


Storage Box 

Used With: Calendar Clings & Daily Clings

Keep your Calendar & Daily Clings together and organized with this storage box. The box dimensions are 7.67 x 5.5 x 1.18 inches and helps you keep track of all your clings. 

Fern Family's Storage Box


Wet Erase Markers Ultra Fine

Used With: Calendar Clings & Daily Clings

Because of the material used for these reusable clings, you can use wet erase markers on the stickers. We bought these wet erase markers and assigned each person in the family a color. We draw little circles with that color on the Calendar Cling activities for the appropriate family member.

*DO NOT USE DRY ERASE MARKERS ON YOUR CLINGS. The chemicals in dry erase markers will strip the ink off the clings. 

Wet Erase Markers Ultra Fine


Dabo&Shobo Wet Erase Markers

Used With: Calendar Clings & Daily Clings

48-Count Smudge-Free Markers


Continuous Water Mister

Used With: Calendar Clings & Daily Clings

We use this mister with water to clean off the previous months numbers and notes with paper towels to keep the clings images long lasting. 

Spray Bottle


Reusable Whiteboard Wall Calendar

Used With: Calendar Clings

This whiteboard calendar is a great cheaper options and can be used to hang on the wall or carry around for quick viewing. It comes in 3 different pieces and we've used the blank board to store clings when not needed. 

Booth Whiteboard Calendar


Frame, Natural Woodgrain

Used With: Calendar Clings and Digital Calendar

A great way to print off the blank digital calendar and pair it with this frame. You can use with either the glass removed and our Calendar Stickers or by sticking our Calendar Clings directly onto the glass. Because I love seeing the muted colors with the calendar, we have this one hung in our home paired with our clings. 

Frame, Natural Woodgrain


Magnetic Poster Hanger Frame

Used With: Digital Calendar

Beautiful way to hang your printed digital calendar. 

Magnetic Poster Hanger Frame


Poster Hanger, Bamboo

Used With: Digital Calendar

Beautiful way to hang your printed digital calendar

Poster Hanger, Bamboo


Others we loved but haven't tried out yet:

Family Name, Calendar and more

Custom Name Acrylic Calendar

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Fridge Calendar

This one would definitely not be able to fit nearly as many activities on each day but is still a great options if you need smaller space. 

Fridge Acrylic Calendar


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