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Limited quantities available on discounted items that are either discontinued styles or minor defects. Please refer to the images for details on the specific defects, which may vary slightly on each product.

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Introducing our "I Can..." Regulating Clings, designed to empower kids to choose activities that help them regulate their emotions. These clings are perfect for use on our regulating board, providing children with a visual and interactive way to select calming or regulating activities.

The "I Can..." Regulating Clings can also be used on other smooth surfaces such as acrylic, whiteboard, plastic, or glass, making them versatile for different environments. With clear, easy-to-understand icons, these clings help children make positive choices for self-regulation. Whether they need to calm down, focus, or energize, the "I Can..." clings provide a range of activities to choose from.

Each set includes a variety of activity icons, allowing children to choose and place the clings according to their needs. Help your child develop emotional regulation skills and make positive choices with our "I Can..." Regulating Clings.

The reusable material allows you to move and reuse each sticker multiple times. While we recommend using them on our Acrylic Board, they are compatible with any smooth surface you prefer.

Each full-page sheet measures 5x7 inches and includes 24 stickers sized at 0.8 inches.

When not in use, store the clings on the sheet to keep them organized and ready for your next planning session. Check out our Cling Storage Boxes for convenient storage solutions.


Please remember, these are to be used for personal use only! It's the kind and honest thing to do. You are not allowed to resell them or pass them off as your own in any way.

 All designs copyright Fern Design Co. 2023 - Please do not copy.

 If you have any questions regarding this item, please contact me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Calendar Clings

If your window clings won't stick anymore, they're not defective, they just need to be cleaned. Cling material tends to collect dust on the back once it's been removed from a surface. Even a small amount of dust can prevent the cling from sticking, but once it's been cleaned, it's as good as new once again!

Put a little warm water in the sink or a bowl, along with a squirt of dish soap. Add the clings, then swish the water around a bit. If the clings are visibly dirty, rub the dirt off with a paper towel or a cleaning cloth. Rinse the clings in clean warm water, gently shake off the excess water, then set them face down on a towel until they're dry.

Do not use sharp objects to add or remove the clings from the smooth surface. Doing so can poke a hole through the cling.


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