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Custom Icon | Calendar Clings

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This listing gives you the ability to buy a full page or half sheet of an icon that we do not currently have on hand. First fill in the name of your desired icon, pick out the size, and then the type. There can only one icon per sheet. Your choices will be custom designed and made for you.  Custom icon sheets will ship within 5-7 business days.

Here you can find every icon custom drawn out in Illustrator by our designer, Lisa. We tried to think of every case scenario a family would need but after hours and hours of drawing, we knew we wouldn’t be able to keep up. We also knew it would be impossible to have on hand every option. If you are still not seeing an icon you would like, please fill out the icon request form here

Full page is a sheet sized 5x7 inch of static cling material and includes 24, .8 inch clings.

Half page is a sheet sized 5x3.5 inch of static cling material and includes 12, .8 inch clings.

The sheets are made to store your reusable clings in-between use.  

Calendar Clings are reusable stickers made with a static cling material that can be used on a smooth surface (acrylic, whiteboard, plastic, glass, etc.). Each activity icon was custom drawn out in Illustrator by our designer, Lisa, to be printed on this reusable material for you. These clings can be used with monthly, or weekly, calendars so kids and parents can quickly see the activities. The reusable material gives you the ability to move and reuse each sticker over and over again. Our Calendar Clings can be paired with a smooth surface calendar purchased elsewhere or by purchasing our digital blank calendar. The digital calendar can be printed at your local printer and put in a picture frame. The clings can be placed on the smooth glass surface of the picture frame. 

Please remember, these are to be used for personal use only! It's the kind and honest thing to do. You are not allowed to resell them or pass them off as your own in any way.

All designs copyright Fern Design Co. 2023 - Please do not copy.

If you have any questions regarding this item, please contact me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Custom items will ship within 5-7 business days.

If there is an issue with your order, contact us and provide a photograph that indicates a problem. We will resend any defective items after verifying the issue.

Because of the nature of these products, we do not allow returns for reasons unrelated to quality. For example, we cannot refund your order if you decide you do not want it, or prefer a different product.

The most important aspects of our returns & refunds policies are:

  • We must be contacted within 72 hours from delivery of any defects.
  • We require you submit a photograph that clearly indicates the problem.
  • We will resend or refund your order within 5 days if we verify that we made an error.
  • All sales are final.